Into the Night

Whenever I would find myself awake while the rest of the world was asleep, I would sense an alternate reality that wasn’t there during the day. If you stood up through the night and were to take a moment to feel the air and look around, you would have felt it too.

During the day, the world just comes at me, my senses are all abuzz trying to make sense of it all. All of this activity hides something that is more apparent at night. At night, once everything settles down, you can hear the world whispering at you. I find this experience very alluring. Most of the time these whispers give me all sorts of artistic, creative inspiration. One night an idea found me, and I began to think that day and night is like a rehearsal for birth and death. That we wake up in the morning to start afresh, like a newborn. Our eyes are sensitive to the light, and getting out of a warm bed feels very undesirable. In a poetic kind of way, maybe that’s why babies cry when they are born. They are leaving their bed and they don’t want to. Then as the day rolls out we engage in various activities. I think of this as the adolescent and early-to-mid adult years. As the evening comes around, I think of the golden years of a person’s life. Then when we prepare to lay down to bed, some people reflect on their day very much like when someone knows their life is coming to a close. We fall asleep, closing one chapter of life and if we’re lucky we start a new one tomorrow morning.

Staying up through the night feels like cheating death. There is something about dodging death that’s  a very profound sobering moment. You rethink your life and priorities get re-arranged. I’d find myself more willing to forgive and pardon the things that bothered me. I get overwhelmed with a renewed appreciation for my life and the life of others around me. My fears and insecurities would begin to feel more manageable. Guilt and self-shaming no longer serve a purpose in my life. When I remove these old thoughts, emotions, (and even people), there is more space for things and people that add value to my life. They’ve been there all along, I was just too absorbed and distracted to notice them.

What is it like for you when you take pause in the late hours of the evening?

What revelations have you experienced?

Share your experience in the comments section below =)


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  1. I was just outside holding a candle for Pulse. The night sky is both memory and possibility. It is both blanket and abyss. I am more myself than I ever will be during the daytime, and I am the smallest part of the universe. On warm nights when the sky is purple clouded and the wind is high, I am wild. When the sky is clear and there is nothing but stars, I am reduced to a mote of dust. When the moon glows, new ideas unfold. In any night there is the edge of present danger.

    Thank you.

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